Google for Education


School Vision

  -Our goal for educating children is to have them be:

    * Active and tough

    * Gentle and honest

    * Self-motivated to study

    * Take pleasure in working hard

    * Able to cooperate with friends



Google for education Hashimoto, Kanagawa, Japan


Areas of Expertise

● Chromebooks

● Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals

● Google Classroom

● Google Educator Certification Strategies

● Integrating Technology into Curriculum

● School Site Visits




Hashimoto Public School is a K-6 primary school in Japan. We first started using GSuite in 2020 and now GSuite is used by all students across our school from K-6. Google Classroom is used for pushing out in-class projects and homework, and managing student work.


Students are definitely engaged when able to use Chromebooks and Google Classroom in their learning. Most classes have access to a number of Chromebooks and most students now choose a Chromebook ahead of other devices because of their ease of use.


We have encouraged our teachers to become Google Certified. Since adopting Google technologies we have seen a noticeable increase in student engagement and measurable improvements in class participation. During the recent CoVid19 pandemic we experienced a smooth transition to Learning at Home, and an increased use of GSuite since returning to face to face learning.



Years using Google Workspace +3 years


Years using Chromebooks +3 years


Languages Japanese, English



Age Levels


● Elementary School



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